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Benefits of Coworking: Creative Flow

What do creativity and co-working have in common?

In coworking spaces, we find like-minded professionals from different backgrounds and different industries, all willing to collaborate and learn from each other.

Working from a co-working space gives you the ability to collaborate with individuals that will bring new perspectives to projects you may have never considered. Very often, these collaborations lead to project or business expansions, all made possible from feedback on the ideas you shared with a coworking community.

It’s so easy to stay motivated in what you do when you’re around a community of equally driven individuals. Sitting across from someone who has a completely different skill set can help you generate new ideas.

Creativity is said to improve in the company of others and, in addition, social interactions in the coworking community can result in a healthier mind and body.

Bruno Moriset, an associate professor at the University of Lyon, describes coworking spaces as “serendipity accelerators” designed “to host creative people and entrepreneurs who endeavor to break isolation and to find a convivial environment that favors meetings and collaboration.”

And in a study conducted by DeskMag, 90% of coworkers said they got a boost in self-confidence because of their coworking space, which isn’t surprising when you’re surrounded by supportive a community that enables creative collaboration.

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